How to build your LinkedIn profile in 5 minutes a day


    We all lead such busy lives that the thought of having to give up even five minutes a day can seem almost impossible. In reality though, five minutes a day is not very much. It’s about the same amount of time as we spend cleaning our teeth each day. And if you can find five minutes a day for a week, you will have created more than half an hour for yourself.

    When you put it like that, it doesn’t seem like a huge investment to improve your LinkedIn profile and reap the business rewards, does it?

    LinkedIn is a unique social media tool because of its business and networking focus. It is designed to help you build relationships and strengthen existing ones, as well as build your personal reputation amongst your peers and potential customers.

    Once you’ve got the basics of your profile working, LinkedIn can be a great place to promote some of the content you’ve developed for lead generation.

    To help you put LinkedIn to work for you, I’ve broken down some common tasks into bite-sized pieces that you can mix and match to build your LinkedIn profile in just 5 minutes a day.

    1 minute a day tasks

    Accept invitations to connect
    You will receive invitations from a wide range of people who want to connect with you on LinkedIn. Don’t just connect with people you know well, or people you want to do business with in the near future. Even though you may not know someone, LinkedIn can help you support your sales process, find staff, grow your personal brand and much more.

    So take a minute to check your pending connection requests and accept any that are relevant.

    Send a connection request to someone
    LinkedIn will frequently prompt you to connect with people you may know. Grow your network by connecting with at least one new person each week.

    The easiest way to start is to hover your mouse over the icon of the person with a plus sign in the top right of the screen and review the list of people that appears under ‘People you may know’. How easy is that?

    Organise to catch up with one of your contacts
    Need an excuse to get out of the office for half an hour? Why not invite one of your connections you haven’t seen for a while to grab a coffee with you. I bet a lot of your connections are based in your area. It only takes a minute to make a time to catch up and you never know what opportunities it might lead to in the future.

    Customise your URL
    When you first sign up with LinkedIn, you will be assigned a URL that contains random numbers and symbols. You can easily change this by editing the link underneath your photo on your profile page. A short URL is easier to use on an email footer or business card. It is also better optimized for search engines.

    2 minutes a day tasks

    Comment on a status or content shared by someone in your network
    When one of your connections shares a story or status it will appear in your news feed on the ‘Home’ tab of your LinkedIn profile. Take two minutes each day to see what your network is talking about and make a brief comment on one of the posts. This is a great way to stay in touch with your network.

    Share your own update
    Got something to say? Simply select the ‘Share an update’ button on the ‘Home’ tab of LinkedIn profile and share it with your network. It could be anything from news about your current project, a recent success or something of interest to your network. You can also include a link to a webpage where people can find out more.

    Share content with your network
    Beyond sharing an update, if you have written an article recently you can easily share that on LinkedIn. You can even add the link to your profile so that it consistently shows up when people look at your profile.

    Once you’ve added the link to your profile be sure to share it with your network, as outlined in the previous tip.

    Check who has viewed your profile
    LinkedIn cleverly offers you the opportunity to review who has looked at your profile recently. This includes both your current connections and people you are not connected to. Again, whether they are people you see as current leads or even potential employers, consider connecting with people you may want to network with in the future.

    In fact, it’s a great idea to take two minutes to send them a message and connect personally.

    3 minutes a day tasks

    Send a personal message to new connections
    Whether you know the person or not, take a few minutes to thank them personally for connecting with you. This will strengthen your relationship, or start to build one if it’s someone new. While you’re sending the message, take a moment to consider if you could share some useful content with them.

    Review your settings
    LinkedIn make frequent updates to the way the platform works, so it’s important to review your settings from time to time to make sure everything is working the way you want it to. This includes your privacy and visibility settings, as well as the way you’ll receive alerts and updates from LinkedIn.

    Hover over your image in the top right of the screen, and then select on ‘Privacy and settings’ from the drop down menu.

    Join key groups
    One of the biggest networking opportunities with LinkedIn comes from joining groups relevant to your industry. There are thousands of groups covering every topic imaginable. By joining groups you can listen to what your peers and potential customers are talking about, and get the latest news and views from a range of sources.

    Start by taking 3 minutes to search for and join up to 10 groups that focus on the industry you work in, and be sure to choose some that include your potential customers as members.

    Become active in groups
    Once you’ve joined some select groups, really put LinkedIn to work by becoming involved in the group. Make sure you start by listening and watching how others use the groups to share news, ask questions and point to resources, then start contributing yourself.

    This doesn’t have to be time consuming, and is a really effective way to raise your profile among your peers and potential customers.


    LinkedIn is a powerful networking and business development tool. If you can find just five minutes a day, you can start to build your LinkedIn profile and really get it working for you.

    Start by reviewing your invitations to connect, and send some invitations of your own. Comment on content shared by your network and be sure to share your own updates and content.

    Take your LinkedIn profile to the next level by joining and becoming active in groups relevant to your industry. I guarantee you’ll learn a lot and meet a lot of interesting people.

    Before you know it, in the time it takes you to clean your teeth each day, you will have grown your network and opened yourself up to a world of business opportunities.


    Feeling overwhelmed about getting started with LinkedIn? We’re experts at using LinkedIn to tell stories and build professional networks. If you need some expert advice, give b:content marketing a call today.

    We’ll get people talking about you, and to you.

    Bianca Dillon

    Bianca Dillon is a certified inbound marketer and the owner of b:content marketing. With a passion for telling stories that move people, and experience from the corporate sector to government and non-profits, she knows how to be creative, get results on a budget and engage any audience.

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