3 things your website wants you to stop doing today


    Your website called. There are three things that it wants you to stop doing today. Here they are, in no particular order.

    1. Stop neglecting your web content

    There’s no doubt that your website is one of the most powerful tools your business owns, but when was the last time you reviewed your web content? Be honest!

    In this digital age, savvy consumers are researching your product or business online long before they pick up the phone.

    Did you know that one of the most commonly visited pages on your website is the ‘About’ page? I don’t even need to look at your web data to know that. It’s a fact. Your potential customers are checking you out! The question is, are you looking your best and saying all the right things to them?

    The ‘About’ page on your website is a great opportunity to showcase what you do and what you can do for you potential customers. If you’ve designed it well, it’s also an opportunity to funnel all of those web visitors to other relevant pages on your website where you can continue to build trust.

    Beyond the ‘About’ page, think about updating your ‘Products’ or ‘Services’ page with fresh content showing recent projects you’ve completed, case studies that detail the successes you’ve helped your customers achieve and testimonials from satisfied clients.

    If you’re like many businesses, you put your website up a few years ago and have hardly touched the content since. This is a huge opportunity wasted. Take some time to review your website content and make sure it’s not only up to date, but showcasing your business in the best possible light.

    2. Stop ignoring your website data

    Did you know that you can access free data from Google about how people are using your website and how your site is performing? Many people don’t even know they can access this data for free. Others know it exists but are not regularly checking the data and using it to inform business decisions.

    The free data available from Google Analytics is an absolute treasure trove of information that has the power to transform your website and digital marketing activities. From the number of visitors your site receives, to the pages they visit and the amount of time they spent on your site, this information will really show the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for your website.

    So stop ignoring what your website is trying to tell you! Set up or login to your free Google Analytics account today and learn more about your website and your customers. Aim to login once a month and check the data. You can even export the data in PDF reports or into Excel for further analysis.

    3. Stop thinking of your website as an online brochure

    There was a time when most business websites were simply fancy online brochures. These websites covered general information about the business and the products and services on offer. They included nice photos and contact details for more information.

    This is no longer enough when it comes to your website. Your website should be engaging, interactive and ever-changing. It should compel your potential customers to return regularly to read more, to learn more about you and to build a relationship with your business.

    Your website should delight. It should look and feel like it is loved and looked after often.

    Beyond the standard ‘About’, ‘Contact’ and ‘Products’ or ‘Services’ pages, consider adding a blog to regularly communicate with your potential customers. This is a great way to keep people coming back to your site, and also encourages them to engage with you by leaving a comment on your articles.

    If you can, create some short videos to communicate your key messages in a different way. Studies consistently show that video content is by far the most popular type of content on the internet.

    You could also develop some checklists or how-to guides that people can download. These are all things that you can add to your website over time to keep the content fresh and engaging to your customers.

    It’s time to think beyond the online brochure and focus on how you can add value for your potential customers through your website.


    For many businesses, constantly maintaining and updating their website can seem like a time consuming task. But in this digital age, it’s never been more important to keep your website up-to-date and engaging.

    Take some time to review and update your existing web content, and think about what other useful content should really be available on your site. If you’re not sure where to start with developing more content, check out the data available in Google Analytics to understand how people are currently using your site, and where you might be able to improve.

    Your website will thank you for taking the time to show it a little more love.

    Want to stop neglecting your website and start using it to grow your business? We love listening to websites and translating what they’re trying to tell you. Give b:content marketing a call.

    We’ll get people talking about you, and to you.

    Bianca Dillon

    Bianca Dillon is a certified inbound marketer and the owner of b:content marketing. With a passion for telling stories that move people, and experience from the corporate sector to government and non-profits, she knows how to be creative, get results on a budget and engage any audience.

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